Rachel Dale

Head of Operations, AAA

Rachel started raising awareness of the lack of females in the industry in an article she wrote for the PHTM where she questioned why so few women consider there trade as a viable option. National statistics confirmed the sector was under represented. Post covid less that 3% of taxi and private hire drivers are female yet more women take taxi journeys than men.
Interviews, radio appearances and podcasts took place to hightlight his in line with International Women’s Day 2022 #breakthebias. Rachel believes that there little bias within the industry but plenty of misconceptions outside making it an overlooked choice of women as a career choice. However as Head of Operations of a taxi company Rachel knew firsthand that it could be a great place to work, great support, safety measures and encouragement were all a reality. And best of all absolutely no gender pay gap.

The FITF initiative was overwhelmingly supported and as a result we now have various funding options and schemes to help women train and start a new career. The culmination is the new assocation to support current and new drivers.

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