Our Team

Meet the FITF Ambassadors!

Rachel Dale - Founder

Head of Operations, AAA

Rachel started raising awareness of the lack of females in the industry in an article she wrote for the PHTM where she questioned why so few women consider their trade as a viable option. National statistics confirmed the sector was underrepresented. Post covid less than 3% of taxi and private hire drivers are female yet more women take taxi journeys than men.

Interviews, radio appearances, and podcasts took place to highlight this in line with International Women’s Day 2022 #breakthebias. Rachel believes that there is little bias within the industry but plenty of misconceptions outside making it an overlooked choice of women as a career choice. However as Head of Operations of a taxi company Rachel knew firsthand that it could be a great place to work, great support, safety measures, and encouragement were all a reality. And best of all absolutely no gender pay gap.

The FITF initiative was overwhelmingly supported and as a result, we now have various funding options and schemes to help women train and start new careers. The culmination is the new association to support current and new drivers.

Lisa Ridsdale

Station Cars, Malton, Regional Manager, Take Me Group

Lisa became affiliated early on with FITF when she told her story to PHTM to encourage women to consider a career as a driver.

Lisa has been in the taxi trade for 30 years, starting as a driver herself. She helped build a family business and has been involved in all aspects of it and enjoys every role. Alongside her husband she turned a small company into something she is very proud of, now being one of the top 10 largest employees in her area (Malton) She is now a regional manager for the Take Me Group. Lisa wants to see the industry collaborate.

Lisa is very enthusiastic about the FITF campaign and has put herself forward to help mentor and support women to join and drive.

Elyssia Dale

Contracts Manager, AAA

Elyssia joined the trade in 2016 as an apprentice and now runs large home to school contracts, transporting around 400 students to and from education centres and day care every single day. Elyssia route plans, prices and facilitates what can only be described as a military operation on a daily basis.

Elyssia also translates for the deaf community using British Sign Language, a skill that has been called upon many times within our trade.

She is supportive of FITF and would be delighted to have more women drivers on her home to school fleet.

Jodie Wright

Driver Recruitment and Retention Manger, Leecabs, Take Me Group

Jodie first represented FITF at the Ground Transport event in Wembley in September. Jodie was so enthusiastic about the campaign that she took part
in video info-mmercials for the Take Me Group to explain why being a driver is a good career choice for women. Jodie was a natural in front of the camera and is now currently involved in several projects, fast becoming the face of the Take Me Group.

Jodie regularly runs driver training schools having over 10 years’ experience in the industry.

Jodie wants to see a national female fleet across the UK and is keen to be involved as much as she can to help be a key supporter of women who want to join the industry.